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Video Proxies is the best proxy service designed to unblock videos.

Video Proxies was established in 2012. We were the first and we are the oldest focusing on unblocking video sites with our proxy sites. Our free video proxies allow you to unblock video sites rather is be YouTube, Adult Video Site or any other site using flash based video encoding. We also use the latest securities measures to ensure our proxies are safe. We do this by employing www.HostDeny.com onto our servers. Here at Video Proxies, we don't claim to be the best, we are the best when it comes to unblocking video sites with our web proxies.


Video Proxy User - USA

"VideoProxies.com has the best free proxies! I have been using www.proxyvideo.net for years. Always fast and reliadble free service.

Video Proxy User - Asia

"www.videounblock.com allows me to wacth USA videos from Singapore. I love the internet freedom that video proxies provides.

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"I honestly like watching youtube from the UK using Video Proxies service. It allows me to stay up to date on US mainstream music since I'm a singer. Thank you Video Proxies!"


Internet Privacy

Using our web proxy service, all internet is untraceable back to our users.

Browser History

Our web proxies hides prying eyes from your brower history.

Video Site

Our web proxies are designed to unblock most if not all video streaming sites.

Our Servers

All of our servers are fast and reliable. No shared servers here at Video Proxies.

Proxy Locations

Our proxies are located within the United States on fast and reliable networks.


We are the oldest web proxies unblocking video sites and more.

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Latest News

Video Unblock

10 Jan 2018

www.VideoUnblock.com now 4 years old!

Celebrate Video Unblock's 4 year anniversary on 20 Jan 2018 by unblocking as many sites as possible!

video unblock

23 Nov 2017

We will be expanding!

We will be expanding our web proxy service to Germany and the Ukraine coming in 2018!

video proxies

20 Sep 2017

Adult Sites Unblocked

We have updated our web proxies to unblock all adult sites.

video porn proxy

14 Oct 2017

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