Making Money from Your Web Proxy – Advertiser List

By | March 6, 2014

We have tried many advertisers on our proxy network.  Of course the normal adsense on the homepage of our proxy sites, but what about advertising on the proxy pages on the inside.  Well we have tried many…  Really none make too much money, compared to Adsense. Though there is one that we do use on the inside of proxy pages.

We have found that PopAds and YesAdvertising has the best rates, that is to make money with a web proxy on the pages that Adsense does not allow.  We do not use pop-up ads on our proxies, but I am sure that they would drive up profits, which YesAdvertising does provide.  The normal banner ads, like seen on make enough money to pay for two proxy servers, leaving Adsense, pure profit.

So we are going to rate the advertisers that we have tried on the inner proxy pages:

The Best and who we use: - which we did a review.

Great ads, but not a lot of money being made:

The worst, can make money. Though they will totally redirect traffic from your site.  We also found that they will automatically throw pop-ups on your site, even though you opted out.  Also, found one instance of a trojan trying to be downloaded from their ad:

Hopefully this article will help make you money from your web proxy. It has taken time for us to test all four advertisers above, but found one to be better than the rest over 4 months of profits and testing.


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