We are Buying Pakistan Traffic – Make Money from Indian Traffic

By | February 24, 2014

Own a proxy website with a lot of Indian/Pakistan traffic?  Why block it, when you can sell us traffic that you are not wanting on your proxy site and make money!  We will buy your traffic from Pakistan and give you the tools to monitor your progress, or how many referrals you are sending to Video Proxies, LLC.

Requirements to sell us your Pakistan traffic and making money from it.

1) You must send us a request to sell your traffic to Contact Us

2) Please list all proxy sites that you will be selling traffic to us.

3) Once we approve, we will send you logins to our traffic referral panel so you can see how much referrals you have sent to us.

When do we pay and what are the rules.

1) We pay $0.02 per referral. (Please know that the pakistan traffic will never hit your site)

2) We pay every 25th of every month.

3) There is minimum payout of $5

4) We do not pay for duplicate clicks from the same IP.

We will provide tools to ensure that we are only taking Pakistan traffic from your site.  You will be able to set what countries you would like to refer to us, but please know, we only pay for Pakistan traffic.

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