Worlds Best Free Web Proxy

By | October 9, 2014 was launched in August of 2013. Since it’s launch, the proxy has grown to be one of the most popular web proxy sites in the world.  With an Alexa rank reaching into the 6000′s, we could actually say not just a popular proxy, but a very popular website in general. The site was built, designed, including the servers and hardware by a veteran I.T. professional Jason Rogers.  A person with plenty of knowledge of servers, network and programming skills to ensure such a great experience to its users.

The proxy started off a year ago on a single server VPS, which grew in short time to the point of having to move from VPS servers to actual physical servers. has branched off from to where the owner Jason Rogers is now overseeing operations.  We spoke with him today and asked, with just over it’s one year anniversy, how many servers does it take to run this site.  He advised, more than a cabinet full within multiple of datacenters.  Never giving a specific number. He also stated, that the site has come a long way in a year, as much of the website functions and monitoring are fully automated which requires only around 5 hours a week of man hours to operate this Proxy.

Jason Rogers was asked, about an estimated amount of visitors each day that the proxy consumes.  He stated clearly, we do not track individual IP, but only hits on the website.  So the uniques are not tallied within the 1.2 million hits per day the site has.  ProxyVideo’s Facebook page has reached over 3000 likes, 2000 site likes and shares, and a great amount of Google shares by it’s visitors.  Though we did ask about the email subscriptions that the site has posted on the home page, just how many subscribers do you have?  Jason Rogers stated “I decline to comment”, but did state.  ”If we emailed every single subscriber, we would need multiple of servers, and this itself would only reach a small percentage emailing over a weeks time”.

With all of his accomplishments over the year.  We could almost say that Mr. Rogers is the king of proxies. Which has been shown for over this past year with some of his site releases.